Monday, October 22, 2012

People Places ... Pygmy Pie

An assignment for an illustration concept art class. First you go to a location (or several) do some good ole drawings and then you throw in a mythological character and then tie in a news event of some kind. So if this were a game of Clue the description would be something like this: Baba Yaga in the garage with a gas hose.

New Perspective Stuff

Another semester, more stuff for the game team.
We started going into a different direction with some of level layouts, including making a sort of hub world as an arcade.
Which means making stuff for an arcade and research!
The posters are designed after the names for the levels and since we needed something graphic quickly, they're made in the style of Tom Whalen's work. Check his stuff out if you haven't, it's fantastic!

Oh, hold on... I need one more chance to stuff the word stuff into this post.